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Life is the right
of every child,

not a special privilege
for the fortunate,
the planned
and the perfect.

"protecting innocent life
from conception
to natural death"

centering on issues around
abortion - infanticide - euthanasia

Action Alerts: 

Vote!  Vote!  Vote!  For local area information on candidates, see the paid political ad for candidates who have been endorsed as pro-life.

If you would like to hear about legislative actions that either threaten or support pro-life issues, please let us know and we'll add you to the alert list.

For current information and urgent action items on the health care bills in the U.S. Senate, consult

What's new?  

Surrogacy goes south to Mexico  November 2014
Buses to March for Life 2015     November 2014
RIP Sandra Cano of Doe v. Bolton   November 2014
LIFE Runners at 5K      November 2014


Judge invents assisted suicide right in New Mexico             February 2014  
Media non-coverage of the March for Life in Washington            February 2014
Secular pro-life organizations at the March for Life 2014            February 2014 
Brit Hume: "The Moral Case for Defending Life"            February 2014  


Nobel Prizewinner Motivation: Not What You Might Think       October  2012
Norplant is Back--Under a Different Name     October  2012

Louisiana - signs of hope for pregnant women           March 2012
Texas has sonogram success            March 2012
Girl Scouts and a pro-life t-shirt?      March 2012
Shocking video and surprising lawsuit      April, 2011
Much ado about Maafa in Princeton        April, 2011
Pope celebrated vigil for “nascent human life”        January, 2011
 Saving a Leg and a Life  -  Do We Have to Amputate?  December, 2010
Obamacare – Inaccurate Claims of 2010  Where to find refutation.   December, 2010

 Rumors, rumors - how rumor theory might lead to a more pro-life campus.  October, 2010

 Eggsploitation: egg donation hazards      August, 2010
UN Committee Attacks Motherhood, Demands New “Rights” for Women      August, 2010
Embryos not human, rules Korean high court      August, 2010
No Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide in Montana – but Not Against Current Law    January, 2010

The new suicide reality in Washington State   October  2009
Federal Judge Dismisses Catholic Answers Lawsuit over IRS Bullying of Non-Profits     October  2009
Feminists Choosing Life sues to end egg sales in NYS    October  2009
Freedom of speech comes back to Spokane Falls Community College     October  2009
Curbing the Myth of Overpopulation to Fight Poverty    September  2009
Jennifer Burch  “P.A.C.E. and a Career That Almost Didn’t Happen”  -  Abortion and recovery, with information on a post-abortion recovery program you probably didn’t know about.   September  2009


About Us.  We've also got a disclaimer - to say what we're not!  And, by the way, we do not condone violence in any form, not against adults, children, the newly born or the unborn.

Archive.   The stories that we just can't bring ourselves to delete.

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Events of interest to pro-lifers:

Mass for Life, March for Life, Catholic Women's Conference.   See the details.

General Info in this Web site.   Current features: 

Duck Dynasty and cleft palate          November 2014
Remember Savita in Ireland?
          November 2014
More India data on abortion and breast cancer          November 2014
Obamacare: Federally subsidized abortion          November 2014
Personhood needs state laws            November 2014

Nelson Mandela vehemently pro-choice              February 2014
Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade 
               February 2014

British doctors told to identify one percent as frailest         October  2012

“Palliative care” expansion - not just for the terminally ill        October  2012
Placental cells and maternal heart healing     March 2012
Planned Parenthood targets your kids    March 2012

The power of public opinion: Payne County Bank     April 2011
KIDS - Keep Infants with Down Syndrome    April 2011

Local Food for Thought:
Father Marcellus  "Calling Evil Good"  December 2010
Walter Toot on bonds. November 2010

The Butterfly Circus  -  Impactful endorsement of the value of human life.  Watch this video!  December 2010

Nicholas DiFonzo coming to RARTL  October 26, 2010  October 2010

40 Days for Life, 2010, in Rochester, NY   August 2010
No Less Human defends disabled against euthanasia - it threatens us all  August 2010

Pro-Life CongressmanChris Smith Tells U.N. Abortion Will Harm, Not Help, Millennium Goals August 2010

Abby Johnson -  From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life 
January 2010

Getting Real - A Saline Abortion in Rochester  September 2009


Stages of Life - Potential resources for special needs.  From pregnancy or post-abortion help in Rochester or elsewhere, to help for the newborn or terminally ill, or the frail elderly.

Self-Education via the Rochester RTL library.   Do your research here.Reference Materials  We keep past newsletters and U.S., New York, and Monroe County government statistics.  Books for sale, pamphlets for free, and educational material which can be loaned. (Also accurate fetal models.)

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